Crowd Realty has Won the Grand Prize in the Second ”MUFG Digital Accelerator”

What's Crowd Realty?

Crowd Realty aims to provide funding and investment opportunities to domestic and foreign real estate investment projects and investors utilizing crowdfunding mechanism, raising small funds mainly from individuals through the internet.

Especially giving funding opportunities from capital markets for small and renovation/development type real estate projects for which funding sources have been limited, we’d like to enable more individuals to make small and diversified investment by lowering minimum amount to be invest per one project as much as possible.

Domestic Projects

Domestic Projects

Domestically, we support the funding regard to real estate revitalization, renovation and development projects, and securitization of income generating real estate.

Overseas Projects

Overseas Projects

We are to provide funding to real estate, loan debts secured by real estate, and financial instruments worldwide by means of small lot and securitization by crowdfunding.

Features of Crowd Realty

Peer-to-Peer direct financing marketplace specialized in real estate
We will create a highly transparent capital market, in which every participants can be both issuer and investor.
Correspond to the small amount of funding and investment needs
We will try to provide services even to small amounts of financing and investment needs by optimization of procedures of setting-up and management of funds as possible as we can.
Provide cross-border funding and investment opportunities
We aim to create global capital markets corresponding to transnational funding and investment needs.
Overall business assistance to fundraisers
We will continuously provide to investees not only funding but also support necessary for business such as marketing.




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