Basic Policy against Anti-social Forces

We and our affiliates declare the following basic policy in order to prevent the damages caused by groups or individuals that pursue economic benefits by making full use of the violence, power and fraudulent methods (so-called anti-social forces).

  1. 1. We and our affiliates declare that we currently do not relate to any of the following categories, and make a definite promise that we will not fall in such categories in the future.

    1. An organized group of gangs(boryokudan)
    2. A gang member
    3. An associate gang member
    4. A gang-related company
    5. A rogue adopting social movements as its slogan (shakai undo tou hyobo goro), or, a violent force with special knowledge (tokushu chinou boryoku shudan tou)
    6. Others equivalent to each of the previous categories.
  2. 2. We and our affiliates promise the followings.

    1. We interrupt any relationship, including trade, with anti-social forces.
    2. We correspond against unreasonable demands by anti-social forces as a whole organization, and strive to ensure safety of the corresponding employees.
    3. In preparation for unreasonable demands by anti-social forces, we work closely and make day-to-day firm relationship with external specialized agencies such as the police and lawyers.
    4. We do not respond at all to unreasonable demands by anti-social forces, and resolutely take a legal action.
    5. Even if there is any reason, we never perform backdoor transactions with anti-social forces to conceal a case.
    6. We never provide any funds to anti-social forces.

Enacted on Feb. 1, 2016
Revised on Nov. 30 2016

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