Terms and Conditions

Our site (hereinafter the "Site") and all the services to be provided by our system (hereinafter the "Services") are provided only to those who accept the Terms and Conditions stated below (hereinafter the "TCs"). It should be noted that using our Services is deemed to accept TCs. In addition, since the contents of TCs are subject to change as needed, please refer to the latest TCs to be updated on this website.

  1. 1. Application of TCs

    TCs shall apply to use of the Services provided by Crowd Realty, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "We"). If there are provisions which we set separately from TCs, such provisions supersede the TCs.

  2. 2. Prohibited Acts

    Customers are liable for the contents of the Services that they disclose or provide to third parties. We shall not be liable for such contents on behalf of the customers. In addition, we shall not manage such contents, nor guarantee reliability, truthfulness, or legality of the contents. In other words, depending on the contents disclosed or provided, it is possible that customers may be claimed for damages or alleged objections from third parties. We shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of or the details of the contents. In addition to the above, we shall not be responsible for any kind of problems that might occur between customers and other people concerned or third parties due to use of our Services. Customers are only assumed to solve such problems at their own expense and responsibility, and shall not give any nuisance or damages to us. It should be noted that, in order for customers to exercise the responsibility above, we prohibit the following acts.

    1. Act that uses this service with a wrongful purpose.
    2. Act that infringes our intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights or any other rights.
    3. Act that slanders our or other people's reputation or credit, or invades privacy.
    4. Act that leads to crime of fraud or equivalent.
    5. Act that sends, provides, or recommends harmful programs such as computer viruses.
    6. Act that alters or erases our information defined in the Article 3.3.2.
    7. Act that uses our facilities illegally or gives a hindrance to our operation of the facilities.
    8. Act that violate TCs, law, or public order and morality.
    9. Act that interferes with operation of the Services.
    10. Act that imposes burdens on the server, or interferes with access or operation of other customers.
    11. Any other acts deemed to be inappropriate.
  3. 3. Disclaimer

    1. Customers should browse or use the Site at her or his own responsibility.
    2. We shall not guarantee the contents (including their authenticity, accuracy, legality, effectiveness, morality, timelines, integrity, presence or absence of a license of use from the right holders, including that it does not infringe the rights of a third party) of, the state of provision of, the possibility of access to, or the state of use of the Services, contents, data and information provided by the Site (thereafter the "Information"). In addition, we shall not be liable for any damages caused by browsing or using the Site, as well as those caused by the Information, or, delays, defects, or omissions of the Information.
    3. We shall not bear any responsibility for customer’s acts that take place due to the Site or the Information on the Site, contents of any business alliance agreements or other equivalent contracts executed among customers, and troubles related to such agreements.
    4. We do not participate in communication nor activities between customers. Even if any dispute occurs between customers, except when it is determined as a malicious act, it shall be resolved between the customers, and we will not assume any responsibility.
    5. Customers shall take all the responsibility in their own acts on the Site. When the contributions on the Site are regarded as an infringement of copyright or any other rights, or violation of law, it may be subject to civil liability such as the compensation for damages, or to criminal charge. In case a customer does not obey the TCs or the law, we will not assume any responsibility for the customer.
    6. In case posting of images is allowed, customers may post images on the Site at their own responsibility. More specifically, customers shall follow obligations under the laws and regulations of copyrights, portrait rights, and equivalents, and be responsible for saving and duplication of data.
    7. We have the right to change or discontinue the Services of the Site for any reasons at any time with a prior notice. We will not bear any responsibility for any damages caused by change or elimination of the Site. In addition, we may suspend a part or all of the services upon prior notice for the following reasons, and we shall not assume any liability for damages caused to customers by the suspension. (However, we may be responsible for any liability for damages caused due to cause attributable to us.)
      1. 1. To perform maintenance or inspection of the system in order to provide this service.
      2. 2. In case of difficulties in providing the services due to fire, power failure, earthquake, natural disaster, system failure, or events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of us.
      3. 3. Other instances where we deem it unavoidable to halt the services.
  4. 4. Claim for Damages

    In case customers inflict damages upon us by any act against the TCs, or unauthorized or illegal use of the Services, we may claim compensation for damages (including legal fees) against the customers.

Enacted on Feb. 1, 2016
Revised on Nov. 30 2016

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